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Map NamePlayer NameCap TimeCap Date
BT-1-(Roel)Energized-v3VRN|Ron1:10.08002-05-2022        483 Day(s) Ago
BT-1-EasyGoCapVRN|Ron54.07604-12-2021        782 Day(s) Ago
BT-1-WhyRushVRN|Ron19.62204-05-2023        59 Day(s) Ago
BT-2-Phantom]I[-v2bVRN|Ron2:03.99201-15-2022        503 Day(s) Ago
BT-3-IndustriousV2VRN|Ron43.06102-25-2023        97 Day(s) Ago
BT-4-AmunVRN|Ron2:02.30701-15-2022        503 Day(s) Ago
BT-5-LostTempleVRN|Ron2:54.88205-01-2023        32 Day(s) Ago
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