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Records List for Map BT-2-JumpRush

RankPlayer NameCap TimeCap Date
1Vimper29.38005-16-2023        17 Day(s) Ago
2Bun29.43812-20-2020        895 Day(s) Ago
3dEv^-29.65012-16-2020        898 Day(s) Ago
4nerdiepants30.02512-16-2020        898 Day(s) Ago
5Jonesy..'Q~30.73912-14-2020        900 Day(s) Ago
6VRN|Ron30.99603-07-2023        87 Day(s) Ago
7Gem31.72512-20-2020        895 Day(s) Ago
8|BLS|Coldandhot31.89312-14-2020        900 Day(s) Ago
93DMax32.63905-16-2023        18 Day(s) Ago
10BELPHEGOR33.94112-16-2020        898 Day(s) Ago
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