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Records List for Map BT-1-NaliCrypt][

RankPlayer NameCap TimeCap Date
1Cymbyp44.76003-09-2023        406 Day(s) Ago
2Sp1Re`44.95212-16-2022        490 Day(s) Ago
3Xclusive44.96210-12-2021        919 Day(s) Ago
4Jamally46.34008-25-2021        968 Day(s) Ago
5Vimper47.56906-08-2023        316 Day(s) Ago
6Heartlexx~52.02610-12-2021        919 Day(s) Ago
7«(oO)»52.04401-08-2022        832 Day(s) Ago
8James_Bond53.76002-19-2021        1154 Day(s) Ago
9VadiMan1:08.77402-19-2021        1154 Day(s) Ago
10ATB1:10.02501-08-2022        832 Day(s) Ago
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