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Records List for Map BT-1-8-seconds-vF

RankPlayer NameCap TimeCap Date
1Dylanbroo5.42904-10-2023        53 Day(s) Ago
2Vimper5.59111-14-2021        565 Day(s) Ago
3dEv^-5.60111-26-2020        918 Day(s) Ago
4Jamally5.65203-12-2023        83 Day(s) Ago
5Jonesy..'Q~5.67311-26-2020        918 Day(s) Ago
6Zla_Bakica5.67412-28-2020        886 Day(s) Ago
7Xclusive5.70010-02-2021        608 Day(s) Ago
8Sp1Re`5.81312-02-2022        182 Day(s) Ago
9Cymbyp5.82311-26-2020        918 Day(s) Ago
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