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Records List for Map BT-1-]TKK[ChamberlyFirstMapv2

RankPlayer NameCap TimeCap Date
1Dylanbroo5.63803-17-2023        12 Day(s) Ago
2Xclusive5.69209-22-2022        187 Day(s) Ago
3goku`5.71703-27-2021        732 Day(s) Ago
4*WeeDy*5.77502-11-2022        410 Day(s) Ago
5nerdiepants5.79612-08-2020        840 Day(s) Ago
6Vimper5.81412-15-2020        833 Day(s) Ago
7dEv^-5.85512-09-2020        840 Day(s) Ago
8Jamally5.92311-18-2020        861 Day(s) Ago
9Jonesy..'Q~5.97212-15-2020        833 Day(s) Ago
10EKACESEEHC5.99211-04-2021        510 Day(s) Ago
11Cymbyp6.02511-23-2020        855 Day(s) Ago
12x4.`Kazuma6.57911-04-2021        510 Day(s) Ago
13Sp1Re`22.81611-22-2022        126 Day(s) Ago
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