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Records List for Map BT-1-(UTW)DinoCanyon

RankPlayer NameCap TimeCap Date
1Jamally37.71804-02-2023        175 Day(s) Ago
2Xclusive38.06012-23-2021        640 Day(s) Ago
3Jonesy..'Q~38.17812-26-2020        1003 Day(s) Ago
4Gem38.35712-25-2020        1004 Day(s) Ago
5Zla_Bakica38.68111-24-2020        1035 Day(s) Ago
6Cymbyp39.76811-26-2020        1032 Day(s) Ago
7Vimper52.59903-25-2023        183 Day(s) Ago
8dEv^-1:09.35301-04-2023        263 Day(s) Ago
9Sp1Re`1:10.49512-02-2022        296 Day(s) Ago
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