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Records List for Map BT-1+(ow)Glitcheng][

RankPlayer NameCap TimeCap Date
1Dylanbroo53.11203-17-2023        459 Day(s) Ago
2test54.11303-17-2023        459 Day(s) Ago
3Rid55.89607-25-2023        330 Day(s) Ago
4[F$G]PuTZe56.90103-17-2023        459 Day(s) Ago
5469d57.73203-17-2023        459 Day(s) Ago
6dEv^-59.09712-27-2021        904 Day(s) Ago
7Xclusive1:00.53712-04-2021        927 Day(s) Ago
8Jamally1:01.12907-24-2023        330 Day(s) Ago
9Cymbyp1:01.77206-26-2023        358 Day(s) Ago
10VRN|Provocation1:05.41107-24-2023        330 Day(s) Ago
11VadiMan1:48.23202-17-2021        1217 Day(s) Ago
12Vimper1:52.68112-24-2021        907 Day(s) Ago
13Sp1Re`2:11.86410-18-2022        609 Day(s) Ago
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